About Us

Mr. Omar Zalt started his business through his factory which he established in Aleppo, Syria on 1974, and which was comprised two production lines. While now “Zalt Plast” considered one of the most important establishments in the domain of plastic industry not only in Aleppo but also in Syria and Arabic region, and in year 2014 we opened our new factory in Adana, Turkey under the name of “Rama Plastik”.


The factory now contain two separate production units for manufacturing plastic products:

First: Injection Molded Products
Second: Blow Molding Products

And soon we will operate plastic vessels production by automatic method in injection and blowing for manufacturing PET vessels by using the latest technologies in this domain depending on latest high-precision automated foreign production lines equipped with these systems:

- Thickness control system up to 100 points.

- Electric discharging system.

- Automatic quality control system by using latest quality control equipment. 

The company always seeks to develop the products and used techniques to cope with the rapid development in plastic production domain.